AIMAN College of Arts & Science for Women


"Welcome to home away from home"

An ideal Hostel must have in its daily agenda of its activities such programmes as offering facilities for learning and practicing Deeniyath, arranging appropriate games & sports to promote healthy growth of the students' physique, providing opportunities for their empowerment and social interaction with the students of all communities and making available to all, unlimited scope to build in themselves excellent character, exemplary behavior and an enviable personality.

When the students join their parents after the completion of their courses of study, the latter should find them as paragon of virtues, highly empowered and motivated with an in-built ability to shoulder the future responsibilities with courage and confidence.

It is with this avowed objective, AIMAN Women’s College has been established and functioning.

The Hostel provides to the inmates all facilities for having nutritious food in a clean atmosphere, comfortable stay with utmost security and other facilities for an all- round growth of brain and brawn power.

Arrangements for five times prayer in the beautiful Masjid constructed adjoining the hostel and facilities for learning and recitation of Al-Qur’an are the features of Spiritual services for the Muslim Students. During fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan special arrangements for Sahar & Ifthaar are arranged along with Tharaveeh prayers & Bayans daily.

Besides, for Non- Muslim Students visit to nearby Temples for offering prayers on special occasions are arranged. All outside visits, be it a temple visit (or) other colleges for attending conferences / seminars / programmes, etc., students are commuted in the college bus escorted by college and hostel staff.

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