AIMAN College of Arts & Science for Women



Assallamu Allaikum (Warah...)

"The Hands that rock the cradle, rule the world". This saying means that

The soft hands of a woman that shape the destiny of the nation. Women no longer are confined to four walls. Slowly they are extricating themselves from their shackles & getting empowered. The one & only source of empowerment of women is education.

"A girl in every woman precedes and shapes her life". Hence if women have to be emancipated, the girls have to be molded & shaped to cater to the future needs of the society.

AIMAN College is in the service of delivering holistic experience to girl students. The college from its modest beginnings in Trichy in 2000, have formed into a centre of excellence in the field of education. The success has been built around values of integrity, fairness and excellence through quality. The same values are nurtured in students also. Here education without any emphasis on moral & value education will not build a organized society.

AIMAN College is committed to importing education with values and inculcating life skills for the girls who will have a blissful life in future.

DR.V.SUBATHRA, Principal